Our Staff

Lana Mustafa Farm Manager

Lana Mustafa
Farm Manager

Angelica Diggs Project Manager

Angelica Diggs
Project Manager

Dan Delcher Assistant Farmer

Dan Delcher
Assistant Farmer

Chrystine Gaffney Volunteer Coordinator

Chrystine Gaffney
Volunteer Coordinator

My name is Lana And I’m the Farm Manager at Montclair Community Farms (MCF) I have my own little homestead in Clifton, where my family and I grow a bountiful garden every season. I am also a backyard chicken/bee keeper. As a kid, I always felt a strong sense of connection with nature, and  I began gardening at the young age of 7! I have maintained that love, and it has developed into an ever lasting fascination with the complexities, and interconnectedness of this planet and society. I love sharing what I know, and I'm always looking to gain knowledge from others! I have three little kids who constantly remind me how important it is to remain curious! I believe that it's imperative that we help children maintain that curiosity and connection to nature, here at MCF we take that seriously. We know that all it takes is a seed that is planted into their hearts! We are the future, and it's time we all worked together to make sure that future is good!

Project Manger Angelica Diggs began working with the farm in 2017. Angelica was familiar with the organization’s mission and location through her position as Assistant Director at the Montclair History Center for 6 years. Angelica brings experience in nonprofit management and administration, knowledge of the Montclair community, and abilities in public engagement. As the project manager her role is to streamline a successful mobile farm stand project, communicate operations of the farms, broaden outreach efforts to the public, and form partnerships to other organizations and businesses in the community. Angelica also has years of experience in serving learning engagement, leading educational workshops, and volunteer management.

Assistant Farmer Dan Delcher began working with the farm in 2018, providing valuable technical and maintenance support to the Farm. In the last 5 years, Dan has been involved with the farm in his role as Agricultural Science Teacher at Essex County Schools of Technology in West Caldwell by utilizing his school greenhouse and students to start seedlings and plants for the farm. Dan is co-leader of the 4-H Chicken Club which started in 2017, and has developed educational programming based on the chickens that we have not previously had before for children from Kindergarten to 6th Grade. Dan also provides valuable insight to the Farm Coalition not only as an educator, but also as a board member of the Essex County Board of Agriculture and Essex County 4-H Leaders Association.

Hey there! I am Chrystine Gaffney, a Master Gardener and the Volunteer Coordinator here at Montclair Community Farms. I have been actively involved in this wonderful place since 2014 when I was looking for a place to earn my volunteer hours to become a Master Gardener. I needed something that would fit my availability plus be safe and yet fun for my 2 young children. In the spring I met the 4-H Agent Marissa Staffen who changed my life forever.  She suggested I come to the farm for my hours – so I did and I never looked back. My kids and I now host the 4-H Farm Club and Chicken Club meetings there and I spend weekends and Fridays at the Plant It Forwards welcoming volunteers – because without our super volunteers, we can’t keep up the wonderful progress we have made. Montclair Community Farms is truly my happy place!