"The biggest benefit to First Montclair House and our residents is that we stay healthy because we're eating better, we're eating locally,"

said China Flowers, Program Director at First Montclair House. China has worked with Montclair Community Farms since the mobile stand began in 2016. China began her work at First Montclair house in 2011. As a child, China would visit her Aunt in Hackensack every summer, where she would take China and her sister to South Jersey farms and ride horses. China saw the value of local farms at a young age. “What is most rewarding to me about working for a non-profit is the appreciation and gratitude I get from my residents when we can make an issue a little less stressful for them or a little less expensive.” The mobile farm stand is known by seniors for its affordability. The stand directly serves seniors and populations and in the community in need of food access, delivering produce right to their doors well below the grocery store price tags. “One thing I love about the mobile farm is they come every single Friday, and no matter what they have, it’s always great, fresh vegetables. When you shop locally from a local farm you have better nutrients, it supports the local economy, the food tastes much better, and I literally eat for about $10 a week from farm to table.” Montclair Community Farms travels to numerous sites like First Montclair House during the growing season, not just to deliver produce, but building relationships with the seniors and staff at the sites we serve each year.

From now until December 31, every dollar you donate to the Montclair Community Farms will be matched 1:1 by Partners for Health. Montclair Community Farms is only possible thanks to the support of the community and our generous donors. Your $25 donation helps feed our happy brood of chickens. A $50 donation helps us expand the varieties of produce we grow on the farm. A $100 donation supports better irrigation and compost systems. A $250 donation allows our staff to connect more often with volunteers. And a $500 donation helps bring our mobile stand to even more food pantries and seniors.