"Our daughter came home with nothing but happy stories about chickens, gardening, playing nice with other children, and kind staff,"

said camp parent Colleen. Farm Camp is a memorable experience for youth who visit Montclair Community Farms each summer. A portion of camp proceeds support the operations of our farm staff, but more funding is needed to continue to expand and serve affordable produce to the community. “I was very happy when she heard about Farm Camp and that she was interested in attending because she heard they kept chickens. I was even more excited that we could afford this camp, and that it was so close to home.” Just like Colleen’s family, many campers live in surrounding neighborhoods and choose to spend multiple weeks at a camp focused on being outdoors, animals, our farms, and giving back to the community. “At 10 years of age, she had only had a couple of day camp experiences, and she didn’t love any of them. We knew Farm Camp was special instantly.”

Like other campers who want to stay connected to the farms as they get older, Colleen’s daughter became a counselor in training, now a mentor to many youth who are experiencing camp for the first time. “She feels accepted, supported and safe there. She has been able to engage with animals and nature in a beautiful setting that is close to home.” Farm camp is a way for youth to learn about our modern and agricultural past. Youth leave camp understanding the the importance of community and who the farm stand serves each week in summer. Montclair Community Farms has become more than just a place to buy fresh and affordable produce, it has become a place for seniors, youth and the community to connect in many formats, including that of the annual summer camp.

From now until December 31, every dollar you donate to the Montclair Community Farms will be matched 1:1 by Partners for Health Foundation. Montclair Community Farms is only possible thanks to the support of the community and our generous donors. We depend on your donations to support our farms that grow our food, our staff who teach and connect with volunteers, and the mobile farm stand that delivers fresh, local and affordable produce to food pantries and senior housing in our neighborhoods.