"Not only do I see community building here, I see people engaging with one another, but then I also see people learning what it means to live a healthy lifestyle,"

said Monique Perry, a Master Gardener of Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Essex County who completed her 80 hour requirements and beyond at Montclair Community Farms this past year. Montclair Community Farms is fueled by a network of volunteers who dedicate their time to make sure the farms and mobile stand are a success each year. 

Monique reflects on the importance of community, “It’s really important to me, and some of the people I see, I know them, that always warms me, I feel so great to be here.” Monique grew up on Elmwood Avenue in Montclair, a neighbor to our farm on HOMECorp property at 16 Miller Street. Monique continues to volunteer her time working on the farm, leading and educating other volunteers, and delivering produce to seniors in the community.  Montclair Community Farms is a space to learn and give back for the volunteers who connect with us. Listen to Monique’s video story and learn more about her experience with the farm and mobile stand.

From now until December 31, every dollar you donate to the Montclair Community Farms will be matched 1:1 by Partners for Health.  Montclair Community Farms is only possible thanks to the support of the community and our generous donors. We depend on your donations to support our farms that grow our food, our staff who teach and connect with volunteers, and the mobile farm stand that delivers fresh, local and affordable produce to food pantries and senior housing in our neighborhoods.